Why Choose Axegic?

Quality Matters

Quality is a culture honestly practiced by everyone in the company. We truly and firmly believe that it is quality in all spheres that can keep us growing.

Our Vision

To be a Vehicle of Consciousness in the global market by creating a holistic sustainable business modality, which inspires, promotes and supports True Wellness and respect for all Beings and for Mother Nature.

Our Mission

To be a trustworthy and innovative global leader in providing genuine organic products and solutions for healthy, conscious living.

True Wellness

True Wellness is the guiding principle of ORGANIC INDIA. We embrace the fundamental truth that everything, and all of us are interconnected. We understand that in order for True Wellness to be, it must include All: All beings; the whole earth; the visible and the invisible. True Wellness is our guiding light, so that we can be loving, respectful and compassionate towards all beings, while caring for, and serving Mother Nature…


Organic Taking

This idea became a movement as organic and bio dynamic farming methods were developed and practiced. The founder’s mission to offer safe effective herbal products to the world is the driving force behind an organic revolution that started with ORGANIC Axegic and is now taking root all across India


Latest News

Regenerative Agriculture

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a sub-sector of organic farming that regenerates unhealthy soils and builds upon soil fertility, in order to protect and restore the earth.

Regenerative agricultural practices go beyond organic and sustainable agriculture, by regenerating the soil, land, and surrounding ecosystem in order to restore vibrant health to the environment.

Simply put, we put in more than we take out.

Meet The Farmers

Farmers are the roots of ORGANIC . Our network includes thousands of family farmers and wild-crafters across India, each working to bring the ORGANIC  mission to life and each working to make sure you have the finest bacterial and viral diseases of crops


Consciousness In Action

The work we do as human beings matters, which is why our products and practices are created by conscious decisions based on true wellness and oneness for the planet, our farmers, our employees and you, the consumers. Our success serves as living proof that shared abundance can be created with an uncompromising commitment to environmental and social responsibility, even in a global marketplace where profits and exploitation run rampant.

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